Residence 2105

A recently completed residential renovation project.

Reminiscent of an older, simpler era, yet contemporary in spirit, Residence 2105 is essentially an extension to an existing residence.

The clients wanted to retain the old structure, being familiar and comfortable with the way they interacted with the functional spaces daily, which implied that the front façade could not be changed dramatically to accommodate the new interiors.

Therefore, the design interventions were added on to the partly built first floor level and the roof terrace above it.






November 2018


The only part of the new extension visible, on completion, on the front façade was the staircase mumty that lead one from the first floor level to the terrace floor level. The fact that the façade was already a juxtaposition of multiple forms, the newly added structure had to quietly make its presence felt and at the same time complement the existing structure.


The first floor interiors were refurbished to depict the classical elements of exposed brick walls, bare, cement ceiling and Jaisalmer stone flooring among other in a modern, contemporary language. 

The language for the interiors of the residence became synonymous with an effortless transition from the old to the new, designed keeping in mind basic simplicity and inherent character of material and forms. The front extension on top of the house does not scream for attention from the street level but subtly draws the onlooker in with a sense of charm, allowing them to take in its modern aesthetic.

The residence is a coming together of style, a conjugation of elements in a way that each element adds to the others and brings to the fore a warm, tranquil whole.


SCO - 73, 2nd Floor, Sector - 46/C,

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