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The Tapered House demands attention but does so subtly, catching the eye of the passer-by, more by force of presence than by loud ostentations.


It is designed to be a ‘home’ for the owners, a place where they can imagine creating memories, adding to each space, their own individual touch.

The spaces are alive; they are moving and talking and take the residents and visitors on a journey as they meander through the house.

Reminiscent of an older, simpler era, yet contemporary in spirit, Residence 2105 is essentially an extension to an existing residence.

The language for the interiors of the residence became synonymous with an effortless transition from the old to the new, designed keeping in mind basic simplicity and inherent character of material and forms.

Slayback Pharma, an American Start-up Pharma Company, wanted to set up a vibrant office space in Hyderabad which would host 40 employees in a contemporary, corporate setting also wanted to showcase its ‘Indian connection’ in a modern setting. This connection, hence, took centre stage in the development of the concept behind the interior spaces. The space, in effect, was to denote the enthusiasm with which this young company is making progress in the industry at such a nascent stage.

A youthful and informal office space for a Research and Consultancy in bio-pharmaceutical industry. The client required that would encourage interaction and discussions in a comfortable atmosphere, catering to an average mid-twenties age group of the employees.

Taking into consideration the site area and location, an open layout was preferred with clean sight lines and easy patterns of circulation.

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